The voice of emotions conveyed on a wave length inbound for the soul.


Interrupted By Ur Kisses

It’s This Brown Skin Mississ

caressing my eyes

With The swing of her hips & her tighs

This thing is no lies

Im on a rise

From This Brown Skinned Mississ who interuppted me with her kisses

Im tryin to get it started

with the truth that is real

I want your luv

and that’s the deal

we can negotiate the terms

over a home cooked meal

The chocolateness up in ur face

has got me laced

with the case

I need to brace myself

for the pain that will be upon

and girl if ur luv was gone

it would make me so strong

to go after what I want

The taunts of ur voice

would leave me wit the haunts & the choice

or reasons u left

ur tone & ur depth

your soulfulness is got me hooked

and I was blinded to see

by the ice in my life

didnt know I wanted u as my wife

now everything is clear

know that I needed u here

girl I fly round the world in 24 hours

just have you here

Interuppted by ur kisses

its my raspberry misses

caressing my eyes

with the swing of her hips and her thighs

this aint no lie

Im on my rise

from my brown skin mississ

with the raspberry kisses…

Someone asked me what the poem was that I wrote. Well here it is.

(via mymuziqsbook)

2 years ago