The voice of emotions conveyed on a wave length inbound for the soul.


Ever found yourself Day Dreaming, drifting off into someplace else. When you should be focused on other things like driving or working or whatever. Your mind is somewhere else thinking about someone or something else. Mostly how you would react to hypothetical situations. Sitting around going through the normal routine of life but stopping to think were you’ll be at in 5 years. Who you’ll be with. What you’ll have? What life experiences you will have learned? What friends you will have gained, and lost? What family is doing? What family isn’t doing? And what family isn’t around anymore?

Daydreaming about her. Is she thinking about you in the recesses of her mind. Is she wondering if your thinking about her. But neither of you come out and say it. You both just assume that the longings there but what if it isn’t? What if you are and she’s not? What if she is and your not? You sit there anticipating her phone call dropping everything for one chance to talk to her. One chance to tell her how you feel, you don’t.

You don’t cause you don’t know how she’ll react. She doesn’t know how you’ll react. So you keep you feelings bottled up inside. So sure of yourself that you won’t say the wrong thing. And she plays off herself to get noticed, to get your attention. But who are you two really. What beauty lies below the skin. What magnificent persons are being trapped behind walls of anxiety and fear and commitment.

Then your light turns greens. And its time to go. The car behind you hooks, snapping you back into reality. And just as your daydream began, it ended. Have you ever found yourself day dreaming? No… “After tonight”…you will have.

2 years ago