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Part II - The Definition of a Man:

What does it really take to be a man in this day and age? What has society deemed it necessary to be a man? Are you supposed to hold down the fort? Are you supposed to protect your woman? What is the true definition of a man?

My definition of a man has changed many times over the years. I would even go as far as to say that I’m not there yet. I’m not the man I wish other men could be. I am a lot further than most yes, but still not quite there yet.

-A man is many things, but he is always one thing for sure. He is always sure of himself.

- A man is secure in himself, and not affraid to show his emotions. He stands up for what he believes in, and he knows when to cry.

-A man is never poor. He may be broke, but he is never poor. For poor is a state of mind, and a poor state of mind is never conquered it is settled upon.

-A man will love, for no other reason than to love. And a man wants a woman that is okay with just his love, and nothing extra.

-A man will protect, his kids, his wife, his family (blood or water), his friends, and himself. Last of all himself.

These are just a few of my bullet points, but they sum up a lot and can tell you a lot about a man’s character. How he handles himself, how he controls his finances, how he treats his women. Of course I could make the list longer and go on for days about my definitions, but everyone has something that is different and everyone’s definition will be different. A man is a woman’s shield and sword, and I say that because let’s be honest, women run this world. Whether it’s from the forefront or from the background. Men are the shield and sword, and a man’s morals, values, beliefs, and background determine the dexterity and strength of the weapons he has given to his woman. Lastly a man must give his heart, because without heart, the sword will splinter, the shield will break, and the relationship will fail. In closing I will leave both ladies and gentlemen with this; cherish the man or woman in you life, because the unseen struggles they go through to make you happy are sometimes what relationships are all about. One final question. Who is your superman or your superwoman?

3 years ago