The voice of emotions conveyed on a wave length inbound for the soul.


Goes out to all those that have to go back to school tomorrow. No, I don’t feel sorry for you. I envy you. I wish I was in your shoes. So when your sitting in class going “this teacher is so boring I wish I had a job!” think of me wanting to smack you for the hundreds that would live to switch places with you. This is gonna be my school anthem. Tired of daydreamin’ about it. Fuck let’s do it. Can’t go back in time to the place we was. But I can only just move forward, with myself, my life, and my dreams. Gotta catch up. No more standin’ around feeling like the world is passin’ you by. In 2011 we takin’ what we wasn’t given. And I’m takin’ an education!

3 years ago