The voice of emotions conveyed on a wave length inbound for the soul.

Snippet from 365loveletters:

I hide my feelings behind a wall of sugar. A bubble gum personality, that when I’m in the zone, I just don’t give a fuck. Who cares, what people think about you, if your comfortable with yourself right. But I hide the pain behind eyes that tell lies, and books that read secrets. People ask me why I’m so quiet. It’s not that I’m quiet, I just turned my radio off. Blessed and cursed with observation, I survey my surroundings constantly, daily, thinking I’ll catch a glimpse of you. I stop when I think I smell your fragrance. Turn to see you cut down an aisle, but my eyes deceive me. I see the boots of life, walking, scuffing the floor around me, but your feet are not the feet in those boots. I hid my pain today behind eyes that tell lies, and a book that reads secrets.

This is a short snippet from the other blog that I have been working on it my spare time, what little I have of it. It’s still locked up, but I wanted to share a little with my followers and assure you… It’s coming along

3 years ago